ATR Advantage

atr advantage heidi shadelHeidi Shadel started ATR Advantage to be a provider of the most critical Human Resources services that a company needs. It’s our mission to give small businesses the same advantages that larger companies have. A small company may not have all of the resources that they need in-house – we become a part of your team, not just a service provider or consultant.


We Listen

… as you tell us about you, your company, your staff, and your needs. We understand that every business is unique, and you do not want cookie-cutter solutions.

We Learn

… about your business so that we can understand the challenges that you face and the gaps in your current in-house resources.

We Strategize

…working with you to develop action plans to fill those gaps.

The Result?

Instead of focusing on these gaps and needs, you focus on your business. Get back to managing your workflow, and growing your business.

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