We are your Human Resources Department.

More than just hire — we acquire the right employees for you.

Acquiring extra-ordinary employees for your small business hiring needs is what we do! Are you ready for employees to take your business to a higher level of success?  Your business will work smarter with the talented people we “acquire” for you.

  • We carefully define the Role you are trying to fill so we specifically know “what” you are looking for in the candidates.
  • Candidate selection will be from a diverse pool of qualified and talented individuals.
  • √ √ We double-check. We check and re-check individual references so that we know you are getting competent employees who go “the extra mile.”
  • We ease the personal interview process, allowing qualified individuals to open up about personal goals, experiences, and drawbacks.
  • We listen—we are perceptive and use our interpersonal skills. It is important to find out what the potential person to be hired knows.
  • We offer selective and custom testing, targeting the hiring process, so that the candidates fit your company culture.
  • We will search until you are satisfied.


Let’s face it, small business hiring can be difficult! We make it easy for you so you can focus on your business goals.


AND, besides all of these, who has the time it takes to hire the talent you need?




Choosing ATR is like having your own talent acquisition department. We want to partner with you for success. Avoid hiring disasters…contact us today!

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