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About Us



 Heidi Shadel started ATR Advantage to be a provider of the most critical Human Resources and Payroll services that a company needs. It’s our mission to give small businesses the same superior results as larger agencies.  We’re not just another service provider or consultant, we’re part of your team.




 What we’ll do for you…


We’ll Listen

… as you tell us about you, your company, your staff, and your needs. We understand that every business is unique, and you do not want cookie-cutter solutions.


We’ll Learn

… about your business so that we can understand the challenges that you face and the gaps in your current in-house resources.


 We’ll Strategize

…working with you to develop action plans to fill those gaps.


The Goal?

We’ll take care of your HR needs, so you can get back to managing your workflow, and growing your business.  


About the ATR Advantage Team


Heidi A.B. Shadel


Member of SHRM and Lean HR Group


Heidi has over 20 years of experience in various fields which lends to her comprehensive, simplistic approach to Human Resources. She loves to help small businesses succeed.  Her passions are cooking, Maryland’s Great Outdoors, spending time with her family, and a great laugh.


Royce Harada

Marketing Director

Royce is a marketing strategist based in Portland, Oregon, with an affinity for the digital experience. He studied marketing in Hawaii and London, which inspires him to take a global approach to business, and use it as an opportunity to connect the world.  When he isn’t hunched behind a computer screen, you may find him wandering the city or a hiking trail, film camera in hand.



Dale Shadel


Business Consultant

Dale has a passion for his work, having 30 years of Payroll and Accounting experience. He enjoys the challenge of resolving clients’ existing tax and payroll issues, and preventing those issues by doing them properly to begin with. He loves spending time with his family, exploring new destinations, and driving his vintage International tractor.