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Laws, tax rates, and due dates constantly change.  The penalties for failure to pay timely are expensive.  The IRS charges a penalty for paying employer taxes one day late: these penalties not only grow, but compound, quickly!

– No worrying about compliance with State and Federal guidelines.

– No stressing over deposits being made on time.

– Use your time and energy to focus on your business goals.

– Do the most important business duties first.

A little about our Payroll services…


-Payroll Tax Deposits made directly out of your bank account—You won’t worry that your deposits have been made

-Payroll Tax Calculations, Payment, and Filing

-Affordable Care Act Compliance

-Design of Measurement, Administration and Stability Period

-Determining Eligibility

-Reporting: 1095 Forms

-COBRA Compliance

-No hidden processing fees—you know what you will be charged upfront.

-Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Tax Reports are automatic with us—so you never miss another form filing.

-We handle audits—Worker’s Comp, Liability, and Audits will be handled as you request.

-Flexibility on entering payroll—we customize so it is easy for you.

-Personal and Custom Service to meet your small business payroll needs.  After they have been prepared you may choose to have it express-mailed, use our courier service, or pick it up.

-Direct Deposit or checks available

-Multi-State Processing Capability

-Experienced, Self-Funded Health Insurance Administrators


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