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Payroll & Tax Services


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Laws, tax rates, and due dates constantly change.  The penalties for failure to pay timely are expensive.  The IRS charges a penalty for paying employer taxes one day late: these penalties not only grow, but compound, quickly!

– No worrying about compliance with State and Federal guidelines.

– No stressing over deposits being made on time.

– Use your time and energy to focus on your business goals.

– Do the most important business duties first.

A little about our Payroll services…


-Payroll Tax Deposits made directly out of your bank account—You won’t worry that your deposits have been made

-Payroll Tax Calculations, Payment, and Filing

-Affordable Care Act Compliance

-Design of Measurement, Administration and Stability Period

-Determining Eligibility

-Reporting: 1095 Forms

-COBRA Compliance

-No hidden processing fees—you know what you will be charged upfront.

-Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Tax Reports are automatic with us—so you never miss another form filing.

-We handle audits—Worker’s Comp, Liability, and Audits will be handled as you request.

-Flexibility on entering payroll—we customize so it is easy for you.

-Personal and Custom Service to meet your small business payroll needs.  After they have been prepared you may choose to have it express-mailed, use our courier service, or pick it up.

-Direct Deposit or checks available

-Multi-State Processing Capability

-Experienced, Self-Funded Health Insurance Administrators


Payroll Service Areas

Baltimore, Maryland   

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia 

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 

Charles Town, West Virginia 

Cumberland, Maryland 

Frederick, Maryland     

Greensburg, Pennsylvania     

Hagerstown, Maryland   

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 

Leesburg, Virginia

Martinsburg, West Virginia

Moorefield, West Virginia

Morgantown, West Virginia 

Somerset, Pennsylvania  

Washington DC  

Winchester, Virginia